Promise Status profile for Whatsapp BBM

Promise Status profile pictures for whatsapp bbm collections,  happy promise day god promise friend dear trust i promise
don't promise when you are happy do not reply when you are angry and do not decide when you are sad pictures dp status whatsapp bbm

yesterdau i was your friend to day i am still your friend don't worry about tomorrow i will always be your friend that's a promise pictures dp status profile whatsapp bbm

God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corner ot the world then he made the world round and laughed and laughed pictures dp status profile bbm blackberry messanger whatsapp

friend are a promise made in the heart silent unbreakable by distance unchangeable by time it's lovely to have u as one happy promise day

promise to you my dear we will walk together till the life ended happy promise day

God didn't promise days without pain laughter without sorrow sun without rain but he did promise stength for the day comfort fot the tears and light for the way

when i say i love you please belived it is true when i say forever know i will never love you when i say goodbye promise me you won't cry cause the day i'll be saying that would be the day o die happy promise day

happy promise day love is promise love is souvenir once given never forgetter never let it disappear

it rose were black and violets were brown my love for you would never be found but roses red and violets are blue all i want to say it i luv u

easter is promise God renew to us in each spring may the promise of easter fill your heart with peace an joy happy easter

we met it was luck we taked it was chance we became friend it was destiny we are still friends it is faith we will always be friend its a promise

my god give you a rainbow for every storm a smile for every tear a promise for every care an answer to every prayer wish you a happy

i promise to plant kisses like sedds on your body so in times you can grow to love yourself as a love you

trust is important but one a promise is broken sorry means nothing drake

promise ill always be faithful and respect you and love you unconditionally

my sweet valentine i promise to behave like a perfect gentleman this year and make sure to give to glue you all you want on this special day indcluding putting my own laundry away turning the video games off and to not even mention the word football today it's all about us and our love fot each other i love you happy valentine's day to my beautiful princess

i promise to be by your side forever and for always i love you nothing can do us apart

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